Food and Medication

We cater to all breeds and ages of cats, including all standard types of dietary requirements.  We only stock premium quality products to ensure health and well-being. Our menu provides a wide selection of dry food as well as tinned and fresh meats.  All meats are graded either ‘premium pet’ or ‘human consumption’ quality. We use Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, Advance, Iams, Black Hawk, Fancy Feast, Dine, Felix and other premium grade products. We feed twice a day. Dry biscuits are provided all day to snack on, unless otherwise requested by the owner. If your cat/s have special dietary requirements (including prescription diets), we ask that you bring their food with you, enough for their entire stay.

If your cat requires any form of veterinary medication, this needs to be brought along and dosage instructions provided. We also need contact details for your local vet in case we have cause to consult them about any issues that may arise. We also have an amazing vet on-call day and night along with the 24 hour vet nurse owner/sitter supervision.

Aragon Cattery luxury cat hotel food

Safety and Cleanliness

We do not compromise when it comes to maintaining a hygienic and healthy environment for our guests. To assist your loved ones with settling in, you are welcome to bring along any of their favourite belongings such as a bed, blanket, plant or toy. We do require that all belongings be washed and flea-free, so we can maintain a clean environment. Cats that regularly venture outdoors at home need to be treated for fleas prior to their arrival to avoid introducing any nasty parasites. If this hasn’t been done and there is evidence of ticks or fleas present, we will administer treatment and this will be added to the cost of the stay.

Each suite is thoroughly cleaned every day and cat litters are cleaned twice daily. We use the environmentally friendly Kitter Litter System (recycled sawdust pellets). Owners may also provide their own litter and tray.

Only cats from the same household are permitted to share a suite. As part of our duty of care to you and to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for all our guests, our policy mandates new arrivals:

  • have a current F3, F4 or F5 vaccination certificate
  • are de-flea’d with no visual flea infestations
  • have no known medical conditions that would increase risk to themselves or other cats.

Maintaining these standards is necessary to ensure a comfortable and safe stay for all our feline guests.